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Braving the Future

Christian Faith in a World of Limitless Tech

Douglas Estes
Trade Paperback
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What is the future? In the most simple sense, it is the time that lies ahead. For many of us, the future is something we look forward to. Thinking about the future may conjure up images of wondrous technological advances on the near horizon: flying cars, talking robots, and wonders-in-a-pill. These incredible technologies promise to make life easier, more enjoyable, and allow it to last longer. Eighty will be the new forty, one hundred the new eighty, and the world will be at our fingertips (virtually, at least).

Just think about all the awesome improvements to life in the last twenty years alone: Robotic vacuums. LED light bulbs. eBook readers. Functional MRI. Flat panel TVs. DNA ancestry testing. Bluetooth speakers. Portable defibrillators. GPS. Digital SLR cameras. Blu-ray discs. Internet news. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Digital video recorders. Satellite radio. Social media. 3D printers. Smartphones. Drones. Retinal implants. Fidget spinners.

All these and more in just twenty short years! Imagine what the next twenty years will bring! “The future’s so bright…” goes the old song. And it’s true enough. Where does this optimism about the future come from? Why, when we think of the future, do we have visions of tech-marvels dancing in our heads?


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